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Daniel Westermann

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Daniel Westermann: I grew up in Germany exactly at the border to Switzerland and I am still living in this area. For my entire life I have been enjoying the region where France, Switzerland and Germany come together. Today I live very close to the city of Basel, but still in Germany.

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Franck Pachot

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Franck Pachot: I’m Franck Pachot. I was born in South of France (Avignon), studied in Paris (Orsay), worked in Paris, Brussels, Dakar, Libreville, Antananarivo, Sophia-Antipolis… and now settled in Switzerland for 10 years. I’ve been working in IT mostly with databases, in development (data architecture and modeling) and operations (installation, migration, High-Availability, tuning), and mostly as a consultant, also giving training. I’m passionate about all databases and enjoy it the most when I can improve both the database performance and the dev-ops communication.

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