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PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Hécate: My name is Hécate, I am 28 years old and from the Parisian suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis. I work as a backend Haskell developer. I’m also a musician, and have been for twenty years now, so music is a big part of my life. I use they/them pronouns and farcical amounts of caffeine to retain human form.

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Sébastien Lardière

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Sébastien Lardière: My name is Sébastien Lardière, and I am from France, near the city of Clisson. The place is best known for the Hell Fest, a big metal festival, even if there are a lot of other things to do and see; and drink.

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David Christensen

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with David Christensen: I grew up in Kansas and live here with my wife, kids, and an indeterminate number of pets and foster animals in Lawrence, KS. I’m in a fairly small boat of people in the community who get to work with their spouse. My wife, Elizabeth Christensen, and I both work at Crunchy Data as a resident Postgres Power Couple™.

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Chris Ellis

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Chris Ellis: So, I’m Chris, I grew up near Wolverhampton on the Shropshire border, not too far from The Iron Bridge. These days I have been living in London for the last few years, running a software consulting company along with some friends.

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Hironobu Suzuki

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Hironobu Suzuki: I’m Hironobu Suzuki, the author of The Internals of PostgreSQL and pg_plan_inspector. I was born in and mainly lived in Japan; I lived in South America decades ago; I’ve lived in Europe since 2018. See my site in more detail.

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Philippe Beaudoin

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Philippe Beaudoin: I live in France, more precisely in Rouen, in the Normandy. I’m working at Dalibo for about 6 years. In my previous job at Bull, I have had the great opportunity to manage the migration to PostgreSQL for a large customer in France: CNAF. That was 14 years ago.

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Michael Brewer

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Michael Brewer: I live in Athens, Georgia (USA), the city where I was born (and have lived in or near most of my life). I’m a Web Developer Principal for the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Georgia, my alma mater. I also play bass trombone in the Athens Symphony, am principal conductor of the Classic City Band (Georgia’s oldest continuously-operating community band), Director of Music at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, music director of the Athens Brass Choir, and also conduct a new local opera company, RespirOpera.

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Sarah Conway Schnurr

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Sarah Conway Schnurr: I am from Southern California, where I’ve spent most of my free time hiking in the beautiful local deserts and pursuing many creative endeavors. Primarily, I am a software engineer & front-end website developer at Crunchy Data, a violin teacher & violin/viola performer, as well as a creator of zero-waste and all-natural homemade goods. I am also the co-parent of four beautiful cats, as well as the many adoptive fosters, strays, and friendly neighborhood cats that my husband and I visit on our daily walks.

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Lætitia Avrot

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Lætitia Avrot: I’m Lætitia from France, near Lyon. If you can’t say my name because it’s too difficult, it’s ok. You may use ‘Joy’ if it’s easier for you. I like savate boxing, running and learning. I love listening to both rock and classical music, as long as it sounds ‘positive’.

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