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Jean-Christophe Arnu

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Jean-Christophe Arnu: Hi, I’m Jean-Christophe. I live in the south of France, near Toulouse. As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in computer science and programming. I moved a lot when I was a child but I settled in the Toulouse area when I started university. I am the father of 3 children, which is my first full time job, my second being a PostgreSQL database consultant in a PostgreSQL and Cloud dedicated company (we all are remote workers): LOXODATA.

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Stéphane Schildknecht

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Stéphane Schildknecht: I live in a small town in the East of France. After graduating in Computational Chemistry, I jumped into consulting at the beginning of the century. I was already convinced by OpenSource. I had the opportunity to discover MySQL and PostgreSQL at that time. I worked on a big PostgreSQL project, and understood PostgreSQL will be a big game changer in the database industry.

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