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Alexander Sosna

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Alexander Sosna: I am from the north west of Germany near the border to the Netherlands and Belgium. My wife, my children and I live in beautiful Nettetal, the lake town on the Lower Rhine.

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Oleksii Kliukin

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Oleksii Kliukin: Hi, my name is Oleksii (people also call me Alex). I work as a Database Engineer at Adjust.com, improving their PostgreSQL infrastructure. Before that, I worked on Patroni and the Postgres Operator at Zalando. I’m originally from Simferopol, Ukraine. I moved to Germany around 7 years ago. I live in Berlin with my wife and two sons, three years old and 7 months old. When I have time, I enjoy spending it outdoors, hiking, cycling, or running.

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