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Jonah H. Harris

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Jonah H. Harris: Hello! I’m Jonah, the Founder of NEXTGRES. I’ve been a database enthusiast, user, administrator, and developer for many (many) years. Most people who know me know I approach database selection pragmatically, focusing on the needs of the customer, company, or application rather than ideology. That said, Postgres has (obviously) emerged as my preferred choice over time.

Reading time: 11 minutes

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Jeevan Ladhe

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Jeevan Ladhe: My name is Jeevan Ladhe. I live in Maharashtra state of India, in Pune city. I stay here with my mother, wife and son. My older brother and his family, who are dearer to us, stay in the same state in the city well known as Mumbai.

Reading time: 6 minutes

Tags:   postgresql (175)   partitioning (4)   edb (17)   foreign-data-wrapper (4)   backup (4)   mysql_fdw (1)   hdfs_fdw (1)   pg_basebackup (1)  
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Kohei Kaigai

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Kohei Kaigai: I grew up in Shiga, Japan. It is known as the lake-side area of the greatest lake in our nation. I studied computer science and business administration at the University of Tsukuba. After that, I started my first career at NEC, as a developer of Linux kernel.

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Category:   interviews