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Carole Arnaud

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Carole Arnaud: I was born in Nantes (~300k inhabitants, western France) 44 years ago already. I am the eldest of 3 siblings. I used to be a shy child and teenager: actually, I was more comfortable studying than socializing. Fortunately it’s much better now :-)

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Gilberto Castillo

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Gilberto Castillo: My name is Gilberto, I live in Havana, Cuba. I’m married, with three sons. I love sports and I exercise together with my sons. My favorite sports are handball, baseball and basketball. I also enjoy dancing to all kind of music. Havana is the Capital of all Cubans, my recommendation to everyone is: do not miss the opportunity to visit the history places Havana has to offer!

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