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Jonah H. Harris

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Jonah H. Harris: Hello! I’m Jonah, the Founder of NEXTGRES. I’ve been a database enthusiast, user, administrator, and developer for many (many) years. Most people who know me know I approach database selection pragmatically, focusing on the needs of the customer, company, or application rather than ideology. That said, Postgres has (obviously) emerged as my preferred choice over time.

Reading time: 11 minutes

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Afsane Anand

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Afsane Anand: I was born in Trier, Germany to a German Mother and an Iranian Father. The family moved to Iran when I was 7; I returned to Germany when I turned 18 to continue my education and get a German Abitur. My studies then took me to India for a 6 months internship where I met my future husband and decided I don’t want an office job. So I packed up and moved to Melbourne, Australia where I did my Hospitality Degree. After working at Hotel Front Desks in Australia, Germany and UK for 12 years I decided an office job wouldn’t be too bad and I started as a Sales Development Representative a few months before COVID hit. Definitely a good decision. Since I have combined the skills and work as Customer Success Manager.

Reading time: 7 minutes

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Tushar Ahuja

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Tushar Ahuja: My name is Tushar Ahuja, I am from India. My father was a retired Indian army officer, unfortunately, he passed away in 2008 due to cancer. My mother is a homeworker, My brother is a businessman. We are very fortunate that we are living with her.

Reading time: 8 minutes

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John Naylor

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with John Naylor: I was born in Oklahoma, USA, but have been nomadic since 2017. During that time I’ve mostly lived in Southeast Asia, but in 2020-21 I lived in Barbados and now the Dominican Republic. The “thing that need not be named” slowed me down but didn’t stop me. I haven’t commuted to an office since 2011, and I’ve always had a fascination for foreign cultures, so it was natural that I’d end up doing this.

Reading time: 7 minutes

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Devrim Gündüz

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Devrim Gündüz: I’m a community person. Ex-Turkey, now Londoner. Started using Linux in 1996, and PostgreSQL in 1998. Love to travel, listen to music, and enjoy life with friends. Started working around 2000. Joined PostgreSQL community around 1999. Working for EnterpriseDB since 2010, and also running two PostgreSQL companies in Turkey and in the UK.

Reading time: 7 minutes

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