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Tobias Bussmann

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Tobias Bussmann: Grown up in a midsized wine-town in Germany, I started working in (Windows) System Administration during school. In doing so, I had come in touch with Programming and Databases. Still at University, I started my own business in data driven marketing and ran it for almost ten years. Today, another ten years later, I’m living in Bern, Switzerland, working for the Swiss Academy of Sciences. Over the time, I became deeply involved in the PostgreSQL community. Further, I’m supporting privacy, open-source, open-data and civil society concerns as I’m overall a political person.

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Claire Giordano

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Claire Giordano: I have lived in northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area for my entire adult career, from the time I was a junior software engineer in the developer tools group at Sun. But before that, I moved around — a lot. I was born in Taiwan, and then lived in Rhode Island, California, New Jersey, Athens Greece, Mississippi, Rhode Island again, and New Hampshire.

Reading time: 8 minutes

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