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Paul Ramsey

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Paul Ramsey: I’m a middle-aged guy from the blessed west coast of Canada, where the sky and the mountains meet the sea. Raising a family takes up most of my time, but I’ve managed to carve out personal time for fitness recently, and exploring the area on my bike. I grew up in the interior of British Columbia, but have lived in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, for most of my adult life.

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Dave Cramer

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Dave Cramer: I’m a Canadian currently hiding from winter in a warm southern state. As for hobbies: I started taking my car to the race track to see how well I understood physics. Turns out the theory and application are more interesting when you are the object in motion. I’ve been involved in PostgreSQL since around 2000. Through reading and answering many emails on the JDBC list I found myself contributing code to it and eventually maintaining it. I consider myself to be very fortunate to be able to make a living from PostgreSQL.

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