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Carlos Chapi

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Carlos Chapi: My name is Carlos Chapi, I’m a computer engineer from Ecuador and, at the time of writing this, I’m 33 years old. I also recently got married so I’m getting used to that too.

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Florin Irion

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Florin Irion: I was born and raised in Romania in a little town called Campulung. When I was 20 years old I came to Italy, to Prato, where I started working in the hospitality industry, eventually becoming a Chef.

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Gianni Ciolli

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Gianni Ciolli: I was born in 1973 in Prato, an Italian city in Tuscany which is quite important for the history of PostgreSQL. I lived around there for a long time, and then I spent some years in Rome. Now I live in London with my teenage son.

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Álvaro Herrera

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Álvaro Herrera: I am a 1976-vintage Chilean tinkerer who grew up disassembling all manner of things and trying to figure out how to put them back again; my father owned a Z80 computer when I was a kid, and I was amazed at some of the things it did, and it led me into developing an interest in doing things with computers. I started my journey with Linux in 1997 and was amazed at the plethora of things I could do with it – that’s where I really learned to program (in Perl).

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Markus Wanner

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Markus Wanner: I’m Swiss, living in the German speaking part of Switzerland, together with my wife and our two kids. I turned 40 this year, which just makes me realize that it’s now half my life that I’m somehow involved in the PostgreSQL project.

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Jimmy Angelakos

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Jimmy Angelakos: I grew up in Athens, Greece, then went to Scotland to study at the University of Aberdeen. After 15 years of working in the industry with Open Source tools, I found myself working with my favourite database, as Senior PostgreSQL Architect at 2ndQuadrant in Edinburgh. Music is a big part of my life, I love listening to diverse genres, a long time ago I played in a rock band, and in the more recent past I presented a music-oriented radio show.

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Mark Wong

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Mark Wong: I am currently living in and am originally from Portland, Oregon. I am working for 2ndQuadrant who provides a range of Postgres products and services. I’ve taken up a variety of hobbies over the years. A couple of my favorites are medium and large format photography, and crocheting stuffed animals. You may be familiar with one particularly cute little elephant endearingly named Chelnik by Gabrielle Roth.

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