PostgreSQL Person of the Week

Elizabeth Garrett Christensen

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Elizabeth Garrett Christensen: I’m not your average Postgres person of the week - I’m a non-developer as well as a Postgres fan and marketing/sales/customer facing person. I am part of a Postgres co-working couple and my husband David Christensen and I both work for Crunchy Data from our home in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Laura Ricci

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Laura Ricci: I was born into an Italian family who had emigrated to France. I studied literature and foreign languages before I started working several different jobs. Then I went abroad in order to work for two non-profit organizations as a volunteer.

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Charly Batista

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Charly Batista: I’m born in a small town in the Brazilian Amazon area. My parents moved to Brasilia (the capital city of Brazil) when I was around 12yo. I finished high school and went to college in Brasilia, but never really finished it. During the years I’ve moved through cities and companies, and ended up moving to China to work with Postgres around 7 years ago.

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Hervé Schweitzer

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Hervé Schweitzer: My name is Hervé Schweitzer and I live in Courgenay (Canton of Jura, Switzerland), but I’m originally from Alsace (France), where I was born and lived until 2019. I worked as an Oracle DBA (database administrator) from 1997 to 2010. Then, with 4 friends, we decided to start our own company - dbi-services - which is an expertise company in the database/middleware field.

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Hironobu Suzuki

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Hironobu Suzuki: I’m Hironobu Suzuki, the author of The Internals of PostgreSQL and pg_plan_inspector. I was born in and mainly lived in Japan; I lived in South America decades ago; I’ve lived in Europe since 2018. See my site in more detail.

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