Abbas Butt

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Abbas Butt: My name is Ghulam Abbas Butt and I am from a small town called Wah Cantt, near Islamabad, Pakistan. I am a Senior Software Architect at EnterpriseDB. I have been working for EnterpriseDB since Jan 2011. In about two years I will be celebrating the silver jubilee of my professional career, that mainly spans product development.
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Philippe Beaudoin

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Philippe Beaudoin: I live in France, more precisely in Rouen, in the Normandy. I’m working at Dalibo for about 6 years. In my previous job at Bull, I have had the great opportunity to manage the migration to PostgreSQL for a large customer in France: CNAF. That was 14 years ago.
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Taras Kloba

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Taras Kloba: My name is Taras Kloba, I was born in Drohobych. It is a small town in Western Ukraine with a population of about 75 thousand people. Currently, I live in Lviv with my wife and our three daughters — our oldest daughter is seven years old, and the twins are two years old.
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Claire Giordano

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Claire Giordano: I have lived in northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area for my entire adult career, from the time I was a junior software engineer in the developer tools group at Sun. But before that, I moved around — a lot. I was born in Taiwan, and then lived in Rhode Island, California, New Jersey, Athens Greece, Mississippi, Rhode Island again, and New Hampshire.
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Michael Christofides

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Michael Christofides: Hi, I’m Michael Christofides. I have lived in the UK my whole life, in Essex, Nottingham, Cambridge, London, and now, with my partner Lauren, in Guildford. My surname is Cypriot, but I’m also part German, French, and English. I consider myself European, even if my country doesn’t (sorry). Work-wise, my background is mostly in product management.
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Jaime Casanova

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Jaime Casanova: My name is Jaime Casanova and I’m starting my 40’s. I’m from Ecuador, a little country in South America, a nice place to visit with beaches and highlands, jungles and big cities too… especially I will recommend anyone to visit the Galapagos Islands. I’m also a Chilean citizen because of my dad and have a little percentage of Italian blood because of my mom’s grandfather.
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Ibrar Ahmed

PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Ibrar Ahmed: My name is Ibrar Ahmed. I am from Islamabad, Pakistan. I love my city, one of the beautiful cities in the world, peaceful and calm. Here in Islamabad, we have a very good presence of PostgreSQL companies, like EnterpriseDB, 2ndQuadrant (now EBD), Percona, HighGO, and Bitnine.
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