Joël Cattin

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Written by: Andreas Scherbaum

Please tell us about yourself, and where you are from.

I was born in Delémont, a small city in the french-speaking part of Switzerland, and I still live there today.

Joël Cattin

Joël Cattin

After my studies, I had the chance to do my civilian service (an alternative to the military in Switzerland) for 6 months in West Africa. It was a really enriching experience! Today I’m working for an IT consulting company, where I enjoy doing a lot of different things. Participating in internal and external projects, training our customers with our Workshops, and helping them through our SLA contracts are part of my tasks.

How do you spend your free time? What are your hobbies?

My kids are still small (4 years and 9 months), so I spend most of my free time with them.

I’m also a big fan of sports (running, mountain biking, swimming).

Any Social Media channels of yours we should be aware of?

You can find me on LinkedIn. But I’m not very active on social networks.

Last book you read? Or a book you want to recommend to readers?

I especially like the books of Yasmina Khadra. I am always impressed by the way he manages to describe things, with great detail and realism. This makes his books exciting.

The last one I read by this author was “The African Equation”.

What does your ideal day look like?

  1. Wake up without an alarm clock
  2. Go for a run
  3. Prepare a big breakfast
  4. Spend the afternoon outside, walking in nature with my family
  5. Meet my friends for a good meal in a restaurant and have a few drinks in a bar

When did you start using PostgreSQL, and why?

In 2015, when I started to learn database administration for the work.

I learned Postgres with the online training and certifications provided by EnterpriseDB.

Do you remember which version of PostgreSQL you started with?


My studies allowed me to acquire solid knowledge in “information systems”, but all that I know today in connection with the administration of databases, I learned it at work.

I am fortunate to be part of a company that places great importance on training its employees.

What other databases are you using? Which one is your favorite?

Oracle mainly, MySQL and MariaDB from time to time.

I don’t have any particular preference. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, and I enjoy discovering and learning new things with each of them.

What is your favorite PostgreSQL extension?

I don’t have a favorite one, but one of my customers is using PostGIS, and I’am always impressed with how it can handle such complex data.

Do you think PostgreSQL has a high entry barrier?

No, I don’t think so. Mainly because of the size of the community and the quality of the documentation.

There are also very good blogs about Postgres (have a look here 😉)

What is the feature you like most in the latest PostgreSQL version?

The improvements made on logical replication, e.g the possibility to replicate parts of table data only. But I haven’t tested it yet.

Do you think PostgreSQL will be here for many years in the future?

Open Source, strong technical foundation, continuous improvements and performance optimization, great community, dedicated and motivated contributors,… easy answer : yes!

I’m one of the developers of the PostgreSQL component of the YaK project.

What? Never heard of YaK??? Please leave this interview page now and jump here!

Which other Open Source projects are you involved or interested in?

Ansible. And Linux, obviously. No matter what the distribution is.

Anything else you like to add?

Thank you for the interview!